April 5, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS ECAT-2094P. The ECAT-2094P is a cost-effective pulse output module that is capable of controlling up to four pulse-type motor drivers. This device is designed to be a standard EtherCAT slave, requiring an EtherCAT master to operate. The ECAT-2094P supports two operation modes: Free-Run and Distributed Clock (DC).

Direct connection of pulse-type motor drivers to the ECAT-2094P device is possible. The EtherCAT master and the application program are responsible for the device’s configuration. The ECAT-2094P has four integrated incremental encoder interfaces, and each of them can count the input signal of external incremental encoders. These encoders can be used for homing purposes and consistency checks.

The ECAT-2094P offers three digital input channels for each motor, which include left and right hardware limit switches and a home switch. The hardware limit switch can automatically stop the motor when activated, while all three digital inputs can be utilized for home position search.

This device supports the CiA402 protocol, which allows for 4-axis independent control and pulse output up to 4MHz. The pulse output options are CW/CCW and Pulse/Direction. The ECAT-2094P supports daisy chain connection and allows for distance between stations up to 100m (100BASE-TX).

Overall, the ECAT-2094P pulse output module offers an efficient solution for easily controlling multiple pulse-type motor drivers. Its various features and compatibility with different encoders make it versatile for various applications.



  • IntelĀ® CeleronĀ® Processor N6210
  • Programmable LED light bar on both sides
  • 10-point PCAP touch with optical bonding
  • IEEE 802.3 PoE (optional)
  • RFID (NFC) reader (optional)

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