March 3, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s ECAT-2094DS. The ECAT-2094DS stepper motor controller is a two-phase bipolar stepper driver that is affordable. The ECAT-2094DS can manage up to four stepper motors at once. It allows for a maximum motor coil current of 3.3A/phase and a motor voltage range of 9 to 29V DC. Software selections can be made for each motor’s maximum running coil current, micro-step resolution, and other motion parameters.

The ECAT-2094DS device can be directly connected to two-phase bipolar stepper motors. The gadget has a stepper motor open loop operation built in. The EtherCAT master and the application programme must configure the device. A distinct driver IC controls each stepper motor independently. The four driver ICs operate separately from one another and are not coordinated. The torque and position of the motor are automatically controlled by the driver. The acceleration and deceleration distance is automatically determined by an inbuilt ramp generator. In velocity mode, the controller accelerates the motor to the goal velocity while in position mode, it drives the motor to the desired position. Real-time adjustments are possible for all motion parameters.


There are four integrated incremental encoder ports on the ECAT-2094DS. The input signal from the external incremental encoders is counted by four 32-bit high-frequency encoder counters. The encoder can be utilised, for instance, for homing and consistency checks.. To provide precise and slick motor movements, a high resolution of up to 256 micro steps per full step is supported.


Three digital input channels are offered by each motor: a left and right hardware limit switch, as well as a home switch. The three digital inputs can be utilised for home position search, and the hardware limit switch will halt the motor when it is activated. Three different power sources must be supplied to the device. a 24V DC control supply and two motor supplies. One power source is shared by two motors.



•Supports CiA402 protocol
•Supports four stepper motors (2-phase bipolar)
•Stepper motors are controlled in an open-loop operation
•Programmable coil current level: up to 3.3 A/phase
•Programmable micro step size: maximum 256 micro steps per full step
•Automatic current reduction to reduce heat generation when the motor is at a standstill
•Distance between stations up to 100 m (100BASE-TX)
•Support daisy chain connection


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