June 23, 2021

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s ECAT-2092T, which is an incremental encoder counter that provides two independent high-speed counter channels. It reads the pulse train generated by an incremental encoder and can be used in positioning feedback applications. Each channel has two counter (A, B) and one index inputs (C). The inputs can either be single-ended or differential signals. Three counting modes are supported: clockwise/counter-clockwise, pulse/direction, and quadrant counting mode. Each 32-bit counter and the trigger level  (falling/rising edge) can be configured and set by software.

In addition to the encoder inputs A, B, and C, latch input I for each encoder channel allows the latching and clearing of each encoder counter. Encoder position is latched at rising and falling input signal and are recorded in two separate registers.

The ECAT-2092T supports position comparison: Each encoder channel is equipped with one 32-bit compare register which compares the counter position with the compare position and generates an output signal when the counter reaches or passes the compare position. The compare function supports single, auto incremental, and array position compare. The pulse width of the compare output can be set. Lastly, each channel has got an adjustable input signal filter for filtering out electrical noises.


  • EtherCAT Slave
  • Two Channels, 32-bit Incremental Encoder Counters
  • Encoder Counting Mode: CW/CCW, Pulse/Direction, A/B Phase
  • Maximum Counting Rate: 4 MHz
  • Encoder Input: A, B, C Differential or Single-Ended Signals
  • Two Digital Input for Counter Latching
  • Two Digital Output for Position Compare Signal Trigger: Single, Auto-Increment, and Array Compare
  • Encoder Digital Input Filter
  • Input Level:  5V, 12V/24V with Internal Resistor
  • Polarity Setting by Software for Active High or Active Low Encoder Input
  • A/B/C Signal Isolation Voltage: 2500V Optical Isolation

See More: ECAT-2092T


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