April 17, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s DNM-848VI-150V. The voltage input attenuator series are the DNM-843VI and DNM-848VI. The maximum input range can be reduced to 10 V and is between 80 and 800 V.

To prevent noise interference from inputs to outputs or channel to channel, provide 3000 VDC channel-to-channel isolation as well as 3000 VDC intra-module isolation. It can be utilised with analogue input modules like I-7017, I-87017, M-7017RMS, and I-87017W-RMS to measure the high voltage.

EMS Security ESD (IEC 61000-4-2) 3 kV for power liner, 4 kV contact for power line, input and output channels, and 8 kV air for random point surge. Channels for analogue input. 8 \sType AC/DC Precision 1% of FSR Voltage Range 150 Vpp Bandwidth 30 KHz. Channel-to-Channel Isolation 3000 VDC Input Impedance >1 M. 3000 VDC Intra-module Isolation. 8 analogue output channels, AC/DC, 10 Vpp voltage range. Power input +10 VDC to +24 VDC, 9.2 W of consumption. Dimensions (mm) of the mechanical casing metal are 173 x 122 x 35. (W x L x D). DIN-Rail Mounting Installation. Operating Environment Temperature: -25 to +75 °C. Storage Range: -30 to +75 °C. 10–90% relative humidity, non-condensing.



  • AC/DC Source Input
    • High Voltage Input Measurement
    • Linear Attenuation Ratio
    • High Input Impedance
    • Easily wire connection

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