September 1, 2021

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s DNM-831I-600V-1000A, which is a 1 Channel Voltage Attenuator (600V) and 1 Channel Current Transformer (1000 A) (Metal).

The maximum voltage input range of the DNM-831I-600V-1000A is from ±600 V and it can be attenuated to ±10 V and the maximum current input range is from ±1000 A, which can also be attenuated to ±10 V. It provides 3000 VDC intra-modules isolation and 3000 VDC channel to channel isolation to avoid the noise interference from inputs to outputs or channel to channel. It can be used with the analog input modules such as I-7017, I-87017, M-7017RMS, and I-87017W-RMS, etc. to measure the high current.

Likewise, in terms of the environmental conditions of its operation, the DNM-831I-600V-1000A can operate with varying temperatures of -25 ~ +75 °C, and the humidity level is 10 ~ 90% RH, non-condensing.  Also, the casing of DNM-831I-600V-1000A is metal allowing it to endure tough operating conditions.


  • High Voltage Input and High Current Input Measurement
  • Three-Way Isolation
  • Linear Attenuation Ratio
  • High Input Impedance
  • 3000 VDC Channel to Channel Isolation
  • 4 kV ESD Protection
  • 3 kV Surge Protection
  • Easily Wire Connection

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