September 14, 2020

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’ CL-208-E Remote TVOC, Temperature, Humidity & Dew Point Data Logger Module.

The CL-208-E Data Logger devices can be used to record TVOC, Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point information, including the date and time stamps, and can store up to 450,000 downloadable records.

Support is provided for common industrial protocols such as DCON, Modbus RTU, and Modbus TCP, as well as the emerging Machine-to-Machine (M2M)/ IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity protocol – MQTT. The CL-200 data logger can be connected via widely used communication interfaces including RS-485, Ethernet, and PoE, meaning that the device can be easily integrated into existing HMI or SCADA systems, ensuring trouble-free maintenance in distributed control systems.

Real-time data from the CL-200 Data Logger can be accessed from anywhere and at any time using the DL300 Utility, the iOS or Android App, or via a regular web browser, as long as they are connected to the same local network as the data logger.


  • Able to Record CO, CO2, HCHO, TVOC, Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point Measurements
  • Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) CO2 Sensor
  • HCHO: Electrochemical Sensor
  • VCO: Metal-Oxide Sensor
  • Up to 450,000 Records with Date and Time Stamps
  • Supports the DCON, Modbus RTU/TCP, and MQTT Protocols
  • Includes RS-485/Ethernet Communication Interfaces
  • Relay Output for Alarm or IAQ Device Control

Product Page: CL-208-E

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