August 21, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce iEi’s AFL4-121-ADLP. Amidst the race for sleek and powerful computing solutions, iEi’s AFL4-121-ADLP Fanless Panel PC emerges as a benchmark. With its narrow bezel design, this cutting-edge device is not just visually stunning but is also a powerhouse in terms of performance, thanks to the integration of the 12th Gen Intel® Alder Lake-P platform.

Powered by the innovative 12th generation Intel® Alder Lake-P Series processors and asynchronous architecture, this panel PC boasts unrivaled performance, effortlessly handling demanding tasks. Its dual M.2 M-key expansion slots, accepting both 2242 and 2280 module sizes, offer remarkable expansion potential. Moreover, they support the PCIe Gen4 x4 full-speed signal, guaranteeing faster speed and more bandwidth.

But what truly distinguishes the AFL4-121-ADLP is its anti-glare and anti-UV 10-point touchscreen. The protective coatings ensure a clear, reflection-free display, making it ideal for extended use in bright outdoor environments. This capacitive touchscreen is also glove-friendly and waterproof, effectively preventing false touches caused by water splashes.

Despite its compact design, this panel PC is a hub of connectivity. Its rich I/O interfaces, including four UART, five USB ports, two 2.5G network ports, and an HDMI interface, cater to a plethora of application scenarios. And with robust Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 support, it ensures seamless wireless connections, lower latency, and efficient power consumption.

In sum, iEi’s AFL4-121-ADLP is the embodiment of modern design meeting unparalleled functionality.



  • Intel® Alder Lake-P Platform
  • New narrow bezel design
  • Anti-glare and Anti-UV PCAP
  • Support Gloved and Wet Hand Operation
  • Support WiFi 6E and Bluetooth® 5.2

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