April 21, 2021

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s ACS-20B-MRTU No-Touch Infrared Sensor Switch. The No-Touch Infrared Sensor Switch from ICP DAS can be used to open a door using palm induction, which makes it more convenient when entering or exiting a room or building. The inductive distance and the delay time for door opening are adjustable and have red and blue indicator lights to show the status of the switch. As people enter and exit the door using the No-touch Infrared Sensor Switches, a time stamp recording the action can be simultaneously logged.

The No-touch Infrared Sensor Switch includes an RS-485 interface and provides Modbus RTU communication, which can remotely enable/disable the switch and get the induction time records by the access control system.

Additionally, the No-touch Infrared Sensor Switch is not only used for the access control system but also helps you control other electronic devices. While it is triggered in toggle mode the first time, the switch outputs ON signal, and next time outputs OFF signal.

The No-touch Infrared Sensor Switch can be used with electric doors to prevent issues related to the spread of infectious bacteria via touch. The switches can be used in medical institutions, retail stores, the food industry, industrial plants, and offices, etc. to provide an excellent sanitary environment.


  • Special Infrared Code against Interference
  • Multiple Operating Modes: Sensing/Standby, Lock, Toggle Switch
  • Provides 8 Lockup Periods Each Day
  • Double-Color Status Indicator
  • Induction Distance: 1 ~ 12 cm
  • Relay Hold Time: 0.5 ~ 20 sec
  • With Relay (N.C. and N.O. output)
  • The Switches Time Recording: 1,600 records
  • Interface and Protocol: RS-485 / Modbus RTU

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